Thank You following Shilpakala Interiors, Kerala Blog. Here we discuss some of the Interior design ideas which can make your house look good in Kerala. Its quite practical and economical. Each one of us would love to make their home better than others. We always like to have a neat and tidy Home atmosphere. Following are some of ideas which can make your home looks good:

1.) Combining Dinning Hall and Living Room

Home Interior designing

Its always a good idea to combine Living room and Dinning room if our apartment or flat is small and have less space. We should see that we don’t make it untidy by combining the rooms. The above picture shows how beautifully they have merged Living room with dinning table.

2.) Combining Dinning Hall and Kitchen

Kitchen Interior Designs

If we don’t like to merge dinning room and living room its a good ideas to merge Kitchen with dinning hall. We can arrange Dinning table in Kitchen itself as shown in the above picture.

3.) Space saving ideas for storage.

Space saving

Space saving ideas

For small homes we should utilize the available space maximum. The above pictures how we can effectively utilize the space. Under the bed there is a lot of space available. These space can be used for storage purpose.

4.) Wall Decorations


We can use wall for decorative purpose. Leaving the wall empty is not always good. In small Homes its always good to use the wall Space for decorations.

5.) Using curtain as divider

Interior Designing

Use of Curtains as divider is a good practice. We can use curtains to divide living room from dinning room etc.


More Creative Interior designing ideas and tips coming soon.

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