Availability of space is a big problem in most metro cities. Need of space saving ideas is of great importance because of that reason. So we need to design homes in major cities with a lots of creativity and space saving techniques. This home located in the Camden Borough of London has all the amenities of a full apartment within a small living space. The use of space here and the layout of the home are savvy and distinctive. There may be a lot going on within the space, but it doesn’t seem overcrowded and there is still space to walk around freely.

Space saving

Bed Room with Center Hall Combination

You can notice that in this combination living area is of course the bed and is suspended from the ceiling. The bed is accessible by narrow staircase off to the side, this is really a saving space idea, because to fit a bedroom would have made for a closet sized living room.

Creative space saving

Dining Hall and Kitchen Combination

In the above picture you can see that the Dining Hall is attached to Kitchen. Now a days most people use such a combination to save space. In metro cities we can find many such Flats and apartments where such space saving ideas are used.


Space Saving tips

Using the under the stair space logically

Above picture shows how the Space under the stair is been utilized. We can use the space as work space or storage space for books etc.

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