There are few common interior design mistakes that people make while decorating their house. One have to be very careful while selecting and placing interiors. Usually an interior designer may help you to avoid such mistakes. Lets see some of the common mistakes:

1.) Purchasing very big Furniture



One must purchase furniture according to the size of the room. If it is not the room will look bad. While purchasing the furniture one must keep in mind the size of the room, and the ease of movement when the furniture is placed.

2.) Inadequate lighting.



Lighting is a necessary factor for any home. If there is no proper lighting house may look gloomy. One should make use of natural lighting too.


3.) Don’t hang art work too High.



If you are using arts work to decorate your room we should not hang it too high. It should be clearly visible. There is no meaning in hanging arts work too high.

4.) Using too Colors on walls.




Using too many colors for a wall is not a good idea. It will not look good. We should be very careful while selecting the color.

There are some of the mistakes that may occur while setting interior designs. Keep following Shilpakala Blog for more tips and updates. Thank you…


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