For any space it is very important that we set the lighting correct. There should be sufficient light in rooms. We can use different types of lighting for different rooms. We should also try to avoid the wastage of energy by using over lightning. So we should use different lighting for different spaces


Let’s see some of the mistakes that usually happens while setting up lighting.

1.) Using recessed down lights everywhere.

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Recessed down lights should be used only in suitable spaces. Using recessed down lights is not proper and it is not economical.

2.)  Not using task lights in the Kitchen.

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Using Task Lights in the Kitchen will make your Kitchen looks good.  One can use LED, xenon or fluorescent task lights under the upper cabinets.  Use such task lights according to the wall color or other color schemes in the kitchen.

3.) Using only Down lights under vanity without side lights.

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Some times people use only down lights at the top and do not fix any lighting from the sides. This is also another lighting mistake that people usually makes. While using down lights we should see that proper lighting is given from the side too.

4.) Using recessed down lights in a high ceiling

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Using Recessed down light on high ceiling may not give sufficient lighting and it will be just wastage of energy. So using large number of recessed down lights on high ceiling should be avoided.

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