There is no hard and fast ruled regarding interior designing. But each one us have their own perspective on how our room/ house should look life. What ever we do the ultimate result should be the best and our interiors should look great. Here are some tips to make your room looks good.

1.) Pick your paint color last

Selecting the best color for your home is an important task. There are thousands of color variants and each house looks different. One has to pick the right color for walls only at the end. This is because the light source vary in different houses. So a color which looks very good in one house may not looks good for other. So, before picking the right color we should consider other aspects like light source. Its is always recommended to select the color at the last.
wall painting

2.)Furniture should not be overcrowded.

Whether it is drawing room or bed room one should avoid overcrowding of rooms. One should not fill all spaces with furniture. Use only as much furniture the room can afford. Its not necessary that you fill up a space with lot of furniture. Instead spend more on  your budget on fewer, but purchase better quality furniture.

3.) You should hang your artworks at the right height.

If your prefer to use any artworks for your room you should make sure that you place it at the right height. Give importance to human scale, not the structure’s scale.

4.) How to arrange furniture on a rug.

There are 3 ways to arrange furniture on a rug. They are All on, All off and front on. In All on, one could place their whole furniture on the rug. In All off you may keep all legs of furniture off the rug and in front on you may put just the front feet of all your furniture on the rug to tie the arrangement together visually.

Interior design Tips

5.)Ignore all principles in favor of creativity

For creativity you can place all principle of interior design aside. Its always good to arrange your interiors in a creative manner.

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