Many of us don’t give much importance to the wall color. But there is some psychological relation between wall and human emotions. We need to avoid many mistakes while selecting the wall color. These mistakes can be avoided while painting your living room, dining room etc

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Some of them are discussed below:

1.) Selecting wall color based on dream furniture instead of real furniture.

mistakes avoided wall color

All of us may have our own choice regarding furniture. So, we may decide the wall color according to the dream furniture in our mind. But this is not the right way to select the wall color. If our dream furniture is not available in the market we may have to go with whatever is available. In that case there will be some mismatch between that furniture and wall color.

2.)  Using accent walls unnecessarily.

wall color mistakes

Some people may use the accent walls unnecessarily. This may reduce the beauty of the walls. We must see that wee use minimum accent walls.

3.) White washing every wall.

Interior design mistakes

Its not a good idea to white wall everything. You may go with other lighter shades instead of white. Even though white is a bright color and reflects lights usually people won’t like a house which is painted completely in white.

4.) Giving more importance to looks rather lifestyle

wall color mistakes2

We must consider both lifestyle and looks while selecting the wall color. Some people may go for looks and forget about lifestyle. Its not a good idea to keep everything white in Kitchen, even if its looks pretty.

5.) Not giving the perfect finishing.

wall painting

Its always important to give finishing touch to the wall painting. Its makes the wall more Glossy.

These are some few tips to make a perfect wall.


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