Lighting is the key thing to remember when designing an interior. With the right amount of light any space can feel bright, pleasant & even more spacious. Even though different types of electrical lights are available in the market, natural light is always good. Try to add more natural light to your home while designing.

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Home flat or any other residential interior designers make use of several types of lighting ways to make the room lighted correctly. The most important thing to note is that understanding of the type of lights that will satisfy the space, color, furniture and all other aspects in that room.

The lighting in interior designing has 3 layers, general or ambient, task & accent or decorative layer. Keep these 3 layers in mind when designing.

General or ambient lighting is considered to be the first layer of lighting & it is the light used for overall lighting of a particular space. It is normally provided by a ceiling light because it’s considered to be the best place to start lighting of a space. These lights will provide basic light requirements & smooth space where people can move around easily. General lighting includes lights on ceiling fans, track lights, etc.

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The next layer includes task lighting. As the name says, this light is used to perform some particular tasks. This light supplies direct light need for a work to be done. Before designing evaluate what type of action may take place at a particular space and will design according to their purpose. Task light includes cooking, reading, makeup, etc. & the types of lights are table lamp, adjustable floor lamps, vanity light etc.

The last layer is accent lighting or decorative lighting. It’s used to highlight certain elements. Designers do accent lighting to add decorative elements to create strong visual impact. It is considered to be the secondary source of light to a room.

As we discussed earlier natural light is more important than any artificial lights. You can improve natural light in a space, windows are the best source. Also remember to use lighter fabrics.

Also adding artificial lights as decorative elements will enhance the mood. Using light instead of wall art, pictures, etc can be more decorative.

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