“Home is where heart is” – a belief, which never fades as time passes. An interior of the four walled space we call home, office or workspace is an inspiration and reflection of the heart to whom the building belongs to. Designing interiors is a flawless answer to the confusing questions of making interior spaces beautiful, useful and efficient. The cause and the aesthetic side of a structure are two different poles. However, interior designing style this two parallel ideas to converge effectively. Shilpakala has always taken care of these two parallel ideas to make the interiors beautiful and useful for our valuable customer. We are delighted to shape your dreams. The art of interior designing has to be flawless, impeccable and unique. Moreover it should be personalized and cater to the customer needs. But before reaching that goal interior designing faces many problems, the common mistakes people make during the interior designing.


Planning the space is the prime aspect of interior designing. A slight slinking from the right planning may end up in great disaster in the process of interior designing. The expert advice and guidance contributes a lot in the perfect interior designing along with best creative ideas.

Budgeting should be proper and perfect. To be more precise if budgeting goes wrong, it results in out of control spending and financial stress.

The buying and placing of home accessories is a herculean task when it comes to interior designing. The home accessories, instead of screaming rich they should go with the purpose and aesthetics of the structure.

Throughout history and archives we know this very famous fact in interior designing- the lighting. The lighting has the capability to influence the person’s mindset.

The process of painting the interior is not an aspect to make fuss about. The basic and fundamental rule to the painting part is that the color should not be obscure and gloomy. The color of your dream place should be mood lifter for you.

Your home is your masterpiece. Because, home describes the distinctive character of a person. So one of crucial thing to be noted in the process of interior designing is the uniqueness of the art we make. The style reflecting in the interiors should be the mind of the client and according to their purpose.

Shilpakala works in a way where we take immense endeavors to eliminate these entire mistakes concerned with the process of interior designing. Our experts try and learn about the atmosphere, the needs and purpose of the structure. We always put first our clients and their needs. We are here with Our two decades of experience in the field of interior designing for your dream.

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